Gavina Vagina

If you can't get your lips around Gavina Vagina, call me Auntie Vag! 

8 years on and I still call Missing my Home! 


Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, I'm your Resident host and DJ on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Missing truly is the place to go for a party, welcoming everyone from the community with open arms. 

Party anthems and sing-a-long Classics are my go-to choice both on stage and when DJing!

Rule number one with drag queens! DON’T TOUCH THE HAIR! And no, I'm not doing your makeup for you! 


See you on the dance floor... mines a Malibu and coke..... DOUBLE with a skittle bomb chaser!

Amy LaQueefa

Hi guyssss, it's me Amy.

I was picking up by Missing in 2014 when I tapped David Dindol's window and he asked me "How much luv?".

And here I am!

I often get confused with Jennifer Lopez as you can see by my profile picture, it's an image of beauty!

You can find me belting out bangers on a Sunday night and they are 'Camp As T*ts'.

I'm very proud to call Missing my home where the welcome is warm, and if you chuck me a Skittle-bomb I'll make it even warmer babes. 

See you on the dancefloor!