Miss Ashleigh Marc

Hiya my darlings it’s your resident loudmouth, the elusive chanteuse, with the vocal range of a dog shelter, Miss Ashleigh Marc, bringing you chaos and glamour at every turn.

Most people like to compare me to LaQueefa, I like to remind them that I’m the one who knows how to glue her eyelashes down properly!

I like to bring you all a little camp on a weekend, with plenty of camp tunes and karaoke every Tuesday and Saturday! You can usually find me on the street corner offering my goods, I mean who doesn’t like a shot token? 😜

I’m a thirsty queen and I’m partial to a camp cocktail or a cheeky jager bomb. I promise you I’ll make it worth it.

I’m very happy to say that missing is one of my favourite places to be and I can’t wait to invite you all back to enjoy everything that we have to bring!




Amy LaQueefa

Hi guyssss, it's me Amy.

I was picking up by Missing in 2014 when I tapped David Dindol's window and he asked me "How much luv?".

And here I am!

I often get confused with Jennifer Lopez as you can see by my profile picture, it's an image of beauty!

You can find me belting out bangers on a Sunday night and they are 'Camp As T*ts'.

I'm very proud to call Missing my home where the welcome is warm, and if you chuck me a Skittle-bomb I'll make it even warmer babes. 

See you on the dancefloor!


Lady Wanda Why

"Surely there's a better picture of me"


Pam Catz


DJ Mike Emery